Macmillan, Sprints



Tara and Nancy are looking forward to meeting their family’s newest member, a parrot named Pickles. But when he finally arrives, it soon becomes clear that Pickles isn’t the easygoing, cheerful kind of parrot. Tempers begin to wear thin, and something has to give…


Ollie Idol

The team challenge at Ollie’s school camp is a disaster! His team has lost every contest, and it’s all Ollie’s fault. Just when Ollie feels most hopeless, a panel of “idol’ judges appears before his eyes! Can they inspire Ollie to prove once and for all, that he really does have talent?



James and Abby thought Dad was taking them on holiday to an adventure fun park. Boy, were they ever wrong! Dad thinks he has a genius plan for proving that Bigfoot really exists, and he needs James and Abby’s help to do it…